Duterte has basis for ‘Red October’–Albayalde

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has basis for the alleged “Red October” ouster plot against him, according to Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Oscar Albayalde on Monday morning as he refuted critics’ claim that it was fictitious.

“I think there is a basis for that. The President has an unlimited access [to]information; It’s not just the PNP. There’s a reason for this and he has a basis for that,” Albayalde said in a press briefing.

Albayalde also said the PNP was also in the process of verifying details of the plot.

He said that the police intelligence community has been receiving raw details about “Red October” but have to verify it first.

Albayalde also warned workers from big factories to refrain from joining any protest not only because they would lose their jobs but would also serve as an avenue for communist rebels to infiltrate and encourage them to join their cause.

“The labor sector will hold a rally here and then they are being infiltrated by the Left so for those people who are working in big factories, let’s not join and believe them because you will lose your jobs,” he said.

Duterte previously claimed that Leftist groups and the opposition would join forces together in ousting him this October.

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) has denied its involvement in the alleged ouster plot, admitting that it was not strong enough to carry out such a conspiracy.

“The CPP denounces the Armed Forces of the Philippines for conjuring this fictional plot which clearly aims to set the stage for applying increasingly draconian measures against the Filipino people,” the CPP said in a statement.

“However supportive of the people’s clamor for Duterte’s ouster, the NPA, at this stage, is not yet strong enough to cause the overthrow of Duterte and the ruling system,” the party said.

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